Meet the SimpleCert Management Team

SimpleCert founders Tania Mayer and Aaron Cole have spent many years in the virtual event arena, and in 2009 co-founded their first company, V2, LLC, a leader in production in virtual events. They discovered from their customers a gaping need to streamline the process of certificate creation and distribution and created a custom tool to aid their V2 customers.  They decided to take that one step farther and create a complete SaaS tool where anyone who needed to create and send any type of certificate could do so whenever they wanted. And with that, SimpleCert was born!


Aaron Cole


Education: University of New Mexico and Southern Oregon University: Business and Music

Aaron’s expertise comes from real-life stage management,  coordinating details so people like
John Denver could shine on stage. He also managed several mammoth music festivals that drew
200,000 people per day. Before starting V2, Aaron merged on-the-ground event management with web event
management during five years with Microsoft.

Outside of work, Aaron can be found fishing, hiking, tending to bonsai trees,
and taking care of two-year-old Eli.

Fun fact: He played in country western cover bands to put himself through school.



Education: University of Santa Monica: MA Psychology, Claremont McKenna College: BA Psychology
and Philosophy
Tania’s expertise comes from a people-centric background. While working at a crisis phone
triage center, Tania discovered her knack for staying calm in stressful situations,
seeing a need and filling the gap. Blending that with her talent for technology,
she took her skills to Microsoft for the next four years. There, she created tools,
trained new-hires, and learned the art of disaster control.

Outside of work, she’s a bike fanatic who’ll try anything once…marathons, triathlons,
skydiving, you name it. She’s an avid soccer player, djembe drum learner,
and world-traveller (5 continents and counting). Tania’s twin boys keep her busy, too.

Fun fact: Her bike has pounded more pavement than her car.

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