John Oliver 1We are huge fans of John Oliver and his hit show “Last Week Tonight”, and so we couldn’t  help but laugh even harder during the June 12th episode when John Oliver announced his staff had created 2 certificates for fans who could download them.  After downloading the certificates ourselves we feel it our moral and (ahem) professional duty to politely point out that John Oliver should be using a Certificate Tool for his certification needs!

Instead of handwriting a person’s name on a certificate, think of how good it will look to have each name be printed out, and a part of the certificate!  Imagine being able to automatically email certificates out instead of printing each one of them – and imagine giving your recipients the ability to store and access their certificate(s) thru an online portal… for free!  We think the producers of last Week Tonight would also see the benefits of being able to see exactly who has accessed their certificate(s) and to know exactly who they have issued a certificate to… for every certification list you have sent out, and for AS LONG as you’ve sent them out (maybe John Oliver will want to send out more Elf Spotting certifications in the future, who knows.. work with us here!)

All kidding aside, our point is this – WHEN you have a need to create and distribute certificates for whatever purpose, look no further than SimpleCert.  SimpleCert gives you the ability to create and distribute professional certificates – all within an efficient and easy to use program.   And don’t forget you can always reach out to with any questions you may have – we’re even happy to help you with creating your certificate.  If anyone from Last Week Tonight happens to read this, we’d LOVE to help create an even better Elf Spotting certificate!  Bring it!

John Oliver 2