How it Works

Create your own custom certificate and email custom certificates with SimpleCert. You can choose one of our existing certificate templates, or upload and create your own from an existing form. Use the certifcate builder to import signature and logo images and change fonts. Include merge variable that change within a project or from project to project. Include merge variables in your custom email. We call a certificate and it’s notification email a Cert Set. Any Cert Set that you have created is available in your account for life, and are infinitely customizable, regardless of the subscription you sign-up for.

Import your list of certificate recipients in a .csv, .xls or xlsx (excel) file format. Data contained in your upload list is automatically placed on each certificate, exactly as designed. Once your list is imported, you are ready to send! You’re able to proof each certificate, or spot check them as desired to ensure they are correct before sending. Purchase the correct number of certificates needed for your project, or consider signing up for a monthly subscription if you have re-occurring projects that you will need to manage.

With your SimpleCert account, all your certificates and recipient data is stored securely for future use and reference. Need to re-send a certificate? No problem. Do you need to add an individual who was left off a previous project by mistake? Simple. Do you need to provide reporting back to a certification organization on exactly who you have awarded certificates to? No problem! All the certificate data is there when you need it.

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