Maintenance Notices

We share these maintenance notices to show, we always try to improve SimpleCert to work better for you. After an update, it is best to clear your cache and relog into the application.



#3 – Update: First Name Last Name merge field to read only (Access Denied) and resizable.
#13 – Update: Browser variable with recipient portal logging out fixed.
#18 – Enhancement: Promo Code created.
#154 – Enhancement: Translate SimpleCert email certificate code – French, Spanish
#242 – Enhancement: Go to payment/billing info after clicking plan.
#282 – Enhancement: After send email, redirect user to email status of that project
#309 – Update: If user has recipient account, prompted to login when creating admin account
#311 – Enhancement: Be able to rename Project or Memo Field in STORE (also #323)


#115 – Update: Exit without saving only displays when edits are made 
#279 – Enhancement: Remove “Back to Login” link and update wording on confirmation page.
#298 – Enhancement: Add a step for Edit Email in Process before Import
#304 – Enhancement: Force System Update announcement after maintenance.
#310 – Update: Preview fixed when merge field starts with #.
#313 – Enhancement: In Send, you are prompted when edits made to a certificate or email.
#314 – Update: Need prompt when user has made changes in email editor
#315 – Update: Remove brackets on merge fields in email editor in the dropdown.


#3 – Update: Make FIRST NAME LAST NAME field width editable
#116 – Update: When adding recipient after project is saved, MERGE field in Email updated
#230 – Enhancement: Update instructions on registration for SimpleCert URL creation
#239 – Update: Send Now appears only when recipients checked
#244 – Enhancement: Add watch tutorial links on BUILD, SEND, STORE pages
#245 – Enhancement: Updated MERGE FIELD text
#284 – Enhancement: New CSS on BUILD, SEND, STORE icons and update title
#287 – Update: Link in Email WYSIWYG now accepting &
#294 – Enhancement: Update wording on read-only for recipient email
#296 – Updated: Project Number updating after project is delete
#297 – Update: Ability to use Backspace Key when adding a URL to notification email
#300 – Update: When inserting merge fields in Email Editor, extra spaces removed
#301 – Enhancement: Delete Insert Email address on certificate canvas
#302 – Enhancement: Moved Account Settings to Upper Right dropdown
#308 – Enhancement: Updated CSS for steps in SEND 


#115 – Update: Exit without saving updated.
#173 – Update: Attachment link in email editor updated to add _ for spaces.
#189 – Enhancement: Resizing text, image and merge fields limit.
#221- Update: [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME] fields font size updating on preview.
#237 – Update: Preview Search in SEND updated.
#251 – Update: After saving project – update credits on SEND.
#278 – Enhancement: Objects stay on certificate canvas.
#279 – Enhancement: Update new registration success page.
#288 – Update: Exiting “Open Existing” without saved Cert Set send to “Create New” 


#104 – Enhancement: Update recipient message when project is deleted by admin.
#138 – Enhancement: Ability to use keyboard arrows to move fields (text, merge, image).
#184 – Enhancement: Ability to center with multiple objects (Ctrl+click).
#187 – Update: Changed unsubscribe link to group unsubscribe and added update preferences.
#197 – Enhancement: Improved acceptance of Terms and Conditions on new registration.
#204 – Enhancement: Update deletion log with project date for support.
#206 – Update: Fixed error when changing billing information in admin.
#223 – Enhancement: Show spin gif when loading data.
#224 – Update: Changed wording on Cert Set page and Project page.
#226 – Enhancement: New ability to align middle (horizontal center).


#135 – Update: Update and Preview button is generating new tab window
#163 – Enhancement: Send Preview Step Instructions/Caution
#191 – Enhancement: For email validation add row of error
#204 – Enhancement: Add Project Deletion Log on Global Admin account
#210- Update: When editing certificate from SEND preview step – get error on save and preview.


#186 – Enhancement: Admin to be able to delete projects
#188 – Enhancement: Add reply-to field in email send module
#166 – Update: Ability to upload SVG image files


#198 – Update: New Cert Set saving 
#159 – Enhancement: Updating Pricing for Pay as you Go
#199 – Update: Import file upload
#162 – Enhancement: Default sort and Ad Sort to Email History
#143 – Update: Download Certificate – title of PDF – SimpleCert Certificate
#163 – Update: Improved Send Preview Step/Credit Instructions/Caution 


#158 – enhanced security for projects
#64 – email validation on import file
#57 – image resizing (keep aspect ratio)
#182 – global template fixes