What is SimpleCert?

SimpleCert is a complete and easy to use Certificate Management System. Build personalized certificate and email templates by adding your own images and text. Upload your list of names and other data that is unique to each certificate and email. Send emails to your recipients with links to download their certificates. Track email delivery and store certificates. SimpleCert provides all these abilities in a single, efficient online tool.  It’s that simple!


User Feedback

  • "SimpleCert has streamlined the process of creating certificates for us in simple, easy to do steps. It is a very useful tool and saves us time by only having to upload our excel spreadsheet of information and having it transfer to our certificate template and send to recipients directly. Their customer service has been excellent any time that we have required assistance."

    Tammy Schamuhn Co-Founder, Institute of Child Psychology
  • “Simplecert has become a wonderful tool for our firm to use and has saved us a great deal of time. We frequently sponsor educational classes that need certificates of completion issued and Simplecert has greatly streamlined this process. What used to take us hours, now only takes minutes. We are very appreciative of this! Plus, the customer service and response time is wonderful.”

    Rachel Butler Marketing Coordinator, BMSS LLC
  • “I use SimpleCert because it is the simplest and fastest way I know to provide certificates for my students. I also love the student portal, where students can see all [their] certificates and link their certificates to Linkedin, that helps them reinforce their knowledge.”

    Paulo Andrade PauloAndrade.com
  • "Not sure what we would do without SimpleCert! ... Awesome, effective, time saving service!"

    Philip I. Brilliant, CHMM, LSRP Continuing Professional Education Services, LLC (CPES)
  • “SimpleCert has provided our team with an easy solution to create, modify and send out Certificates to all our delegates and speakers. As our company is in the events industry, it is important for us to have a useful and convenient application to use.”

    Jester Pelaez, Office Administrator / Event Registration Manager, Maarefah Management
  • "SimpleCert offers the ability to produce professional quality Certificates that are easily accessible to individuals and organisations, thus of great benefit to our clients."

    Marios Siathas General Manager, European Institute of Management and Finance
  • "With a faculty and staff that come from over thirty-five different countries, our use of SimpleCert certificates has shown that everyone—no matter where they are from—appreciates acknowledgment of their contributions."

    Dr. Deborah Al Enezi The Community College of Qatar
  • "We use SimpleCert to automatically send training certifications to our customers. It is easy to use and our customers receive their certifications rapidly. This certificate management system increases our productivity and our customers’ satisfaction!”

    Véronique Trépanier-Boulay Executive Director, FORMobile
  • "We love being able to use SimpleCert to create and send certificates to participants that complete our online webinars."

    Lexi Simons FamilyWorks Together
  • “Here at the Knowledge Coop we find SimpleCert to be a smooth system that makes it easy to deliver certificates to people whether in bulk or individually. We enjoy the straightforward design and clear UI that characterizes the SimpleCert experience.”

    Nathan Knottingham Knowledge Coop
  • "SimpleCert has been a fast and affordable way for us to send custom certificates to thousands of students at a time. It's been an efficient way to recognize and celebrate their amazing achievements."

    Grace Sun QuestBridge
  • "Since we have discovered SimpleCert, we stopped wasting so much paper and reduced costs incredibly. We send around 600 certificates bimonthly and all our students are happy to have a certificate that they can send, upload or attach to any website they need to."

    Maria Milagros Garcia Quality Leadership University

Create your certificate template with SimpleCert’s free certificate builder.

Upload a recipient list and match the data to your Certificate Template, and instantly send your certificates via a customized email. 


SimpleCert automatically stores every certificate you distribute.  View who has accessed their certificates, and even re-send individual certificates as needed.

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