What is SimpleCert?

SimpleCert’s design and mission is.. well… simple. SimpleCert will allow you to Build your own online certificates, Send out customized email notifications to your recipients, and automatically Store all of your data as required for continuing education certifications and other professional credentials.  It’s that simple! SimpleCert is the solution to a workflow challenge that until now has only been managed through countless mail merges, excel spreadsheets, and emails.

User Feedback

  • Things are going great with the teachers and the students love the new format. When I need to make a change or a student needs the certificate sent a second time it is so easy. My students love getting their certificates as soon as they finish their class. This is a beautiful system.

    Kris Cerone Online Billing and Coding Teacher, Escondido Adult School
  • "We used to manually create and send hundreds of individual certificates of attendance for our events. That process was time-consuming and cumbersome. Now with SimpleCert's help, it's an easy, automated process that saves us a HUGE amount of time. SimpleCert even stores our entire database of certificates from the past several years. This is a game-changer for us!"

    Ivan Hsieh Online Marketing Manager, EMLab P&K

Create your own custom certificate and notification email with our certificate generator. You can choose one of our existing free certificate templates, or upload and create your own from an existing form. We call a certificate and it’s notification email a Cert Set. Any Cert Set that you have created are available in your account for continued use, and are infinitely customizable.
See it in action: Watch the tutorial.

Import your list of certificate recipients in a .csv, .xls or xlsx (excel) file format. Data contained in your upload list is automatically placed on each certificate, exactly as designed. Once your list is imported, you are ready to send! You’re able to proof each certificate, or spot check them as desired to ensure they are correct before sending. Purchase the correct number of credits needed for your project, or consider signing up for a monthly subscription if you have re-occurring projects that you will need to manage.
See it in action: Watch the tutorial.

Within your SimpleCert account, all certificate and recipient data is stored securely for future use and reference. Need to re-send a certificate? No problem. Do you need to add an individual who was left off a previous project by mistake? Simple. Do you need to provide reporting back to a certification organization on exactly who you have awarded certificates to? No problem! All the certificate data is there when you need it.
See it in action: Watch the tutorial.

What are you waiting for?START FREE ACCOUNT

Need More Power? We give you options!

But remember there’s no cost to sign up. SimpleCert’s FREE account gives you full access to build, send and store a certificate to up to 10 people per month. Easily upgrade your FREE account to a plan that best suits your needs. See below for more details.

What’s included in the FREE account?

The FREE account version gives you full access to the Build, Send and Store modules within SimpleCert. It also secures your portal account for life! It comes with one Certicate and Email Template (Cert Set). Each additional Cert Set is now available for purchase. Each month, your FREE account will allow you to create and distribute up to 10 certificates. Do you have a project that you need to send more than 10 certificates? Simply purchase the amount of credits that you need for your project.

I already have a certificate that I use. Can I upload this into SimpleCert?

Absolutely.  Within the Build module simply choose  the “Blank Canvas” template to upload your existing certificate design as a background.  You will want to remove any data fields from the certificate that you upload, and then re-add them from within SimpleCert.  As a best practice it’s a good idea to also remove any text as well.  Adding a text field will almost always be sharper than text from an image on your certificates.

What’s the difference between Pay As You Go and Monthly Plans?

Depending on your use case, you have the ability to select the plan that will work best for you.  If you only need to send out a single list, or only plan to use SimpleCert a few times, the Pay as You Go plan will allow you to purchase credits as you need, to complete your projects.  Credits that you purchase will remain in your account until they are used.  If you plan to use SimpleCert on a regular basis, a monthly subscription will provide you with a better plan, with better pricing and more advanced features.  Every month your account will automatically replenish with the number of credits you have selected, based on the plan that you choose.


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